Designers Alessandra Castelbarco

Born in Basel in 1983, studied in Paris and Milan. She has always been dedicated to both design and research and she was involved in exhibition and set design for independent theatre companies and young artists. In 2015 she founded the design practice PLUS ULTRA studio, together with Marco Di Nallo.

Her curiosity, the collaboration in academic research and her work for the management of the Villa Imperiale in Pesaro, inspired the desire to discover the history and memory of places, through the reuse and enhance of objects and materials collected there. 

From the desire to find a way to communicate and share these discoveries and the idea of turning them into something "tangible", in 2015 he founded the project TELL ME A STORY | The life of things.

MILANO |  Via A. Maffucci, 40 

PESARO |  Strada dei Cipressi, 63

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 18/07/1983
(39 years old)

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