Designers Jonggun Park

Jangdo, a small knife laden with Korean spirit and elegance that represents lofty values such as royalty, filial piety, and righteousness.

Jangdo (粧刀) is a small knife about a span long carried inside a case. Known as the preserve of symbolic of chastity and fidelity, this type of knife was carried by each since the Goryeo dynasty, regardless of gender or status. The inscription on this Gwangyang Jangdo (光陽粧刀), ‘singleness of heart’ (一片心) also represents lofty values like royalty, filial piety, and righteousness. This knife for self-protection and decoration is also the essence of craftwork to keep personal peace and unveil a delicate sense of beauty. Jangdo sumptuously embellished with gold, silver, ivory, or mother-of-pearl is Korea’s unique traditional craftwork.

Nation: South Korea

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