Designers Keumhee Lim

Dahoe and mangsu that features splendid patterns and holds the soul in each piece of silk thread.

Master craftsman Keumhee Lim was able to restore part of the traditional technique for dahoe and mangsu, conducting historical research over the last 30 years. Dahoe (多繪) refers collectively to cords made by twisting ramie, cotton, or silk thread to be used in clothing. Mangsu (罔繡) referring to a wide cord was adopted for various uses such as embellishment for costumes, a string for a decorative pendant, and a string for a small knife. The process of weaving thread is considered an art of endurance, holding a sumptuous yet dignified Korean aesthetics. Dahoe is still found in contemporary accessories using a variety of materials and showing new possibilities.

Nation: South Korea

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