Zanotta Stories: Back to emotions

Back to emotions is the title of the exhibition at the Milanese showroom at the Excise Buildings in Piazza XXV Aprile dedicated to the products of the 2020 collection and to the pieces of the renewed Mollino CM Collection.


In the wide living room that welcomes the guest, this idea of home is immediately offered by the new sofa Dove, a nest where you can chat, read, work, cuddle yourself. Those who comfortably sit on the bergère Ardea CM listen to the conversation that is held on the sofas.

In the next room you can tell about what happened during the day, or make a video-call with colleagues around the iconic table Reale CM, vital centre of a dining room that becomes informal and dynamic with the chairs Dan in cowhide and the stool Mezzadro, as well as with the storage unit Carlino CM.

The metropolitan citizen works partially at home and his home-office is in continuous evolution: he focuses gently cradling on the tilting lounge chair Rider, organizes a meeting with employees “embraced” by the armchairs Nena while develops projects at his desk Cavour CM.

After noting a last-minute reminder sitting on Tonietta in front of the desk Tucano, the mind travels freely snuggled into the armchair Gilda CM. It’s time to sleep and the bed Ricordi is the shelter that accompanies this private moment. The sofa William, the armchair Oliva and the coffee table Arabesco CM design a perfect antechamber.

The last room offers an ideal open space where next to the living room with the Pianoalto sofa we find the dining area with the Tweed table and the Dan chairs in a total black mood. The silhouettes of the Milo CM mirrors decorate the wall, the Maggiolina armchair and the Niobe coffee table complete the reading corner.

Come and visit us in Milan, Piazza XXV Aprile.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 10 November 2020