Gdynia Design Days
— Gdynia, Poland

06 - 14 July 2019

Gdynia Design Days is the leading Baltic region festival of inspiration and practical and valuable knowledge about design, featuring the latest trends and best practice – rich in curated exhibitions, lectures, workshops, talks and discussions, all aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts in search of new ways of working. Thus in July Gdynia becomes the best place for both business and creative industries to meet and discuss how best to evolve through better design.

PPNT Gdynia I Design Centre
Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia

al. Zwycińôstwa 96/98, 81-451 Gdynia

T. +48 58 88 08 233

Gdynia Design Days 2019 — 06 - 14 July 2019

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