by Artemest

For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest presents a curated exhibition of bespoke artisanal pieces inspired by water: never-before-seen design objects, elevated to artworks, on view at the prestigious Senato Hotel Milano

For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest presents AQVA: a gallery-like exhibition of never-before-seen artworks and design pieces inspired by the theme of water, handmade by Italian artisans and showcased in a gallery-like setting at the exclusive Senato Hotel Milano.

Italian design and craftsmanship celebrate the city of Milan through a reinterpretation of its ancient waters: the project, under the artistic direction of Milanese architects Ciarmoli Queda Studio, stems from the desire to bring the hidden waters of the city to the surface, drawing the viewer’s eye to celebrate the importance of water as a source of life and energy.

The exhibition features handcrafted pieces from all over Italy, meant to surprise and fascinate the viewer.

Guests will be transported on a sensory journey that will begin in the Hall of Senato Hotel and continue in the elegant central courtyard, home to a slate grey pool of shallow water reminiscing of the Naviglio Grande canal that once flowed in front of the building. The multifaceted aspects of water inspire the shape, texture and color of each piece, together with a bespoke soundtrack that contributes to the dreamlike atmosphere of the exhibition.