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AQVA by Artemest

For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest presents AQVA: bespoke design objects, elevated to artworks, on view at Senato Hotel Milano

For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest presents AQVA: an exhibition of bespoke artworks and design objects inspired by water and its sensory characteristics, in the prestigious setting of Senato Hotel Milano.


Italian design and craftsmanship celebrate the city of Milan through an interpretation of its ancient waters, inviting visitors on a visual and sensory journey featuringnew design pieces of superior craftsmanship, located in the hall of Senato Hotel and in its central courtyard. Right in the courtyard, whose water feature recalls the presence of the Naviglio Grande that once flowed in front of the building, visitorscan walk at the edge of water, immersed in a metaphysical atmosphere where stunning artworks rise from the water in a suggestive show of reflections, lights and sounds.


Water, one of the most mysterious elements of the city of Milan, is seen through the eyes of master craftsmen and designers, giving life to a stunning universe in which eachone-of-a-kindpiecereinterprets itsmost characteristic aspects: reflection, transparency, movementand fluidity. 


With this exhibition, Artemest, the leading online marketplace for luxury designmadein Italy, wishes to provide a hands-on experience with unique design pieces, in a dreamlike setting born out of the versatile creative minds of Milanese architects Ciarmoli Queda Studio.

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AQVA by Artemest: Interview with Ippolita Rostagno

The 2021 Salone del Mobile signals a recovery for the city of Milan in what has been a quite difficult year. What message does Artemest wish to convey with its AQVA project?
Like all the initiatives at Milan Design Week, the AQVA project is meant to contribute to the revival of the city and deliver a message of positivity and growth after the difficult period that our country and the whole world has faced. The initiative proposed by Artemest was created with the aim of promoting the excellence of Italian design and showcasing the artistic treasures our country can offer to a national and international audience.


The concept Artemest has chosen this year for its event at Fuorisalone is a unique, gallery-like exhibition of design pieces presented as artworks. How would you define the relationship between art and craftsmanship?
Art and craftsmanship have always been two sides of the same coin, two complementary elements that cannot exist without one another. This year's initiative is based precisely on this concept: an experience of strong visual impact designed like a museum exhibition, whereby each object is the protagonist. Just like on a stage set, each of the pieces on display has a singular identity, yet all speak to each other through the theme of water, ever-present throughout the sensory journey of the exhibition. Each featured object represents the artistic creativity of the artisans who collaborate with Artemest, and part of our mission is precisely to connect the freedom of art with the Italian tradition of craftsmanship.


Water is the guiding thread of the event. Why have you chosen to focus your attention on this specific element?
We have decided to enhance one of the most mysterious elements in the city of Milan - water - by observing it through the eyes of master craftsmen and designers to create an immersive experience in which each piece evokes and comes alive thanks to the most characteristic aspects of this element. The choice of location, the splendid Senato Hotel, was also instrumental in interpreting the relationship between Milan and water, since the Naviglio Grande - the most important of the Milanese canals - flowed right in front of the building in ancient times. We wanted to bring the hidden waters of the city to the surface and celebrate this element as a source of life and energy, a symbol of the recovery that we envision for the future of Italian craftsmanship and design.


Milan is one of the most representative cities of European design; visitors from all over the world come to Milan to learn about the latest trends and discover the city’s hidden gems. What is your personal relationship with the city of Milan?
Milan represents a real innovation hub, a critical center within which companies like Artemest have the opportunity to grow and make their mark. Needless to say, this city is very important to me, as it has allowed me to set the company’s foundations starting from scratch and relying on the support of motivated and energetic young people. I’m from Florence but I chose to establish Artemest in Milan precisely because it is at the center of a new cultural renaissance that celebrates not only the mecca of landmark design such as the Triennale, but also makes space for young people who are eager to understand how to apply their creativity to the old trades.


To date, Artemest has launched successful collaborations with the most important names in  Italian design and craftsmanship. In your opinion, what is the future direction of both Made in Italy design and Artemest?
After such trying times for the entire world, I hope that Made in Italy design will continue to reward and showcase the vast cultural and artistic heritage that our country has to offer: quality has always been one of the distinctive trademarks of Italian design, along with a unique style and strong attention to detail. In the future, I look forward to a greater trend towards highlighting the national artistic and craft heritage. Unquestionably, one of Artemest's missions is to bring the Made in Italy brand to the world’s attention and this will continue to be our direction in the future: to be a champion of the splendid realities that set our territory apart.

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