Event 2022

New Regenerative Relationships

ALTA Cucine is an Italian based company focused on design kitchens and living spaces. Its distinctive feature is a minimal and essential design, inspired by the aesthetic canons of harmony, elegance and sustainability, with a special attention to detail, functionality and furniture enhancement.


ALTA kitchens are made in Italy and represent the ultimate expression of the company philosophy, namely aesthetics and ergonomics, space as a source of continuous inspiration, meticulous planning and high quality tailoring. ALTA kitchen is highly customizable and adaptable to any specific requirements, while ensuring a peaceful harmony between form and spaces as well as top quality standards.


ALTA collections create, preserve and promote well-being: this is a result of people and planet’s health awareness, guiding ALTA in its ongoing research into eco-friendly and eco-sustainable business processes and furnishing solutions.


ALTA’s long-term vision starts from today, in the belief that increasingly green solutions will make our daily lives and those of future generations more liveable.

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Sito Web: www.altacucine.com

Email: info@altacucine.com


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