Event 2022

The Instant of Change

On chasing or letting go. An investigation into the transformation of materials curated by Luca A. Caizzi. Artist Alessandro Furchino Capria meets Ceramiche Caesar, Quadrodesign and Rexa.

Mo.1950, in via Molino delle Armi 14, hosts The Instant of Change, a video and image art project by Alessandro Furchino Capria curated by Luca A. Caizzi, with the collaboration of Ceramiche Caesar, Quadrodesign and Rexa.

Now in its second edition, The Instant of Change investigates the transformation of matter, this time through the gaze of Alessandro Furchino Capria with the significant subtitle "On chasing or letting go". The installation dialogues with the products displayed in the space in collaboration with Mo.1950 showroom partner brands.

"The Instant of Change is a research on the transformation of materials. But also an investigation of the processes that give life to the project. Further on, there is a whole world waiting to take shape.” Alessandro Furchino Capria

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The Instant of Change frames the new interior design products by Ceramiche Caesar, Quadrodesign and Rexa.

Ceramiche Caesar’s Anima Futura porcelain stoneware illuminates the great beauty of marble from a contemporary perspective. Key_Mood draws inspiration from an Italian stone and interprets it in a minimalist key, on a wide range of sizes and finishes. The Alchemy collection has been enriched with the exclusive Lux finish, a proposition of precious and unusual elegance.


Quadrodesign showcases new collections by Formafantasma and Maddalena Casadei, both the start of their collaboration with the tap manufacturer. In the FFQT collection designed by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, we find the design trait that has generated a recognisably pure and essential design based on research that has investigated a noble material such as stainless steel, which has then generated a form declined in various elements for the bathroom. Eccetera by Maddalena Casadei is a collection of accessories. Flexible in use, they were born from experimentation with stainless steel plates processing and adapt to various residential environments. Some are specific for the bathroom, others, such as coat hooks and shelves, become extremely versatile thanks to the single-material choice.


Rexa launches Vision − design by Monica Graffeo − a collection in which sensoriality and functionality come together and interact harmoniously, designed for a completely revised user experience of the bathroom. With its monolithic architecture and scenic and essential effect, Vision transforms the wall into a functional storage, hiding equipped technical compartments and integrating the washbasin, which becomes a sort of fountain designed to enhance the world of water and its rituals. The limited depth storage concept develops towards vertical proportions, lending volume to the surrounding space.


The synergy between the brands hosted in the Mo.1950 showroom is perceived throughout the exhibition and culminates in the new showcase created by designer Monica Graffeo to narrate a consistent story between product innovation and usability. The showcase integrates the new Vision project by Rexa, tiles from the Shapes of Italy collection by Ceramiche Caesar in the Iulia colour, and the Stereo stainless-steel tapware by Quadrodesign, proposed here in the PDV black gold finish.

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Please register here: https://calendly.com/mo-1950/the-instant-of-change-2022

Or, RSVP eventi@mo1950.co

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