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Frezza presents Design for evolving Humans

From 18th to 21st April, during the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Frezza will present its new product collections at IBM Studios Milano. The building, designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, is located in Piazza Gae Aulenti, which is one of the most modern and evocative places in Milan and represents a meeting point between the historical centre and the financial area, born from the urban redevelopment of the Garibaldi, Isola and Varesine districts. This is the location in which Frezza has chosen to announce to the world its new promise, 'Design for evolving Humans': lifestyle and design, mentality and form, culture and spaces influence and contaminate each other in a virtuous circle, leading to a continuous and reciprocal evolution. Humanity, with its habits, needs and discoveries continues to progress, and so does Frezza's design.
The installation, curated by Architect Genny Canton, makes it possible to immerse oneself in a sort of human-sized city, where plants and paths merge with Frezza products and create micro-architectures in this 700 square metre space. The dynamic, empathic and welcoming areas will foster relationships in a fluid and natural way.
As you enter this space, you will be greeted by the soft and inviting shapes of Alplus Lounge, Radar and Afina. The different types of product compositions create various meeting points, resembling mini town squares in which one can sit and savour the relaxing and harmonious atmosphere of the environment.
Your attention will certainly be captured by the Pal System collection: this hybrid space dividing system becomes the protagonist of the product layout with its imposing three-dimensionality, softened by fabrics and woods in suggestive colour shades.
Lounge areas alternate with operative areas, where the new tables from the Be.1 collection inspire different ways of working, accompanied by stools and a succession of contract chairs from the Yo and Fior di Loto collections.
All products have been designed in accordance with environmentally friendly guidelines. The production processes and materials strictly comply with recycling and reuse principles.
The evening of 19th April will be enlivened by an invitation-only buffet dinner.

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