Event 2023


concept by studioelementare + deamicisarchitetti

Lumiere is the name of the installation conceived by studio elementare and deamicisarchitetti for OLEV light that will animate the indoor and outdoor spaces of HI LITE Next during FuoriSalone 2023.

An experimental cinema will come to life in the heart of Brera during the design week where light in different forms will be the protagonist of the space: light as product, light as film, light as projection.
In the spaces of HI LITE's showroom, transformed into a movie theater, will be projected 'The Opening' by Davide Rapp and 'Paramount' by Iñigo Cabo, two video narratives of new architecture in Milan: the NTT DATA executive headquarters by deamicisarchitetti and the Segreen Business Park extension by studio elementare.

The outdoor space, imagined as the foyer of the cinema, will feature a light, semi-transparent structure and a luminous ceiling made entirely of OLEV light's Beam Steak Nuance lamps designed by Marc Sadler, which at the end of the week will be reused as individual light fixtures as well as the components of the metal structure, which are available for rent, will be used for a new installation.

The two video works show two possible ways of returning a cinematic narrative of architecture, where the interaction between the camera and the architectural artifact is declined in different ways.

On April 19 at 5 p.m. there will be a presentation meeting of Lumiere moderated by Silvia Robertazzi (design innovation consultant Hearst Global Design).
Speakers at the presentation will include directors Davide Rapp and Iñigo Cabo and designers Rossella Destefani (partner deamicisarchitetti), Paolo Pasquini (founder studio elementare) and Antonio Creazza (commercial director OLEV light).

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18-23 April 2023

Sito Web: www.hi-lite.it

Email: next@hi-lite.it


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