Event 2024


Atelier Mirage: Innovative Ceramic Surfaces

Atelier Mirage: a dialogue between Ceramics, Innovation, Design and Sustainability.

"Atelier Mirage" is a think tank devised by Mirage with the support of architects and interior designers. It is an authentic voyage of discovery through new forms of expression in Italian ceramics, featuring products that embody a futuristic vision that skilfully integrates the elegance of tradition with innovation driven by sustainable technologies. This line reflects the identity of a brand able to evolve and offer solutions that interpret contemporary design trends, aimed at those for whom design is a question not just of aesthetics, but also of ethics and added value. 


During Milan Design Week 2024, Mirage will be officially presenting Nagomi, in collaboration with the international archiect Hadi Teherani. This is a project derived from the responsible use of glass recycled from cathode-ray tubes from old TV sets and monitors, offering a design that elevates the decorative function to the rank of a dialogue with the environment. Each element reflects a sophisticated design that combines architectural rigour with the lyrical beauty of surfaces, shaping a smooth blend of craftsmanship and industrial precision, in a symphony of shapes that celebrates simplicity and sustainable innovation.

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