Ceramica Flaminia began producing bathroom fixtures made from ceramic over 60 years ago. Working in collaboration with some of the most outstanding designers known the world over, Ceramica Flaminia focuses on innovation to create high-end products for the bathroom.

All the stages of product development are carried out in-house, starting with the modelling process that gives life to the design concept; then the idea takes tangible form through a manual process conducted in close coordination with the designers, and with all the care typically associated with a craftsman’s workshop.

All our products are made according to the highest standards in the sector and are manufactured in the district of Civita Castellana, where all processing stages take place, from prototype construction to modelling, casting, glazing and firing in a furnace. A complete cycle in keeping with the tradition and quality standards typical of Italian-made products enables us to export our products to 70 different countries around the world.

All manufacturing processes therefore, are carried out exclusively in Italy, in the plants of company property, using leading-edge manufacturing systems and manual operations in which the know-how of expert craftsmen makes all the difference.

Leading-edge technology combined with artisan experience and sensitivity: the traditional formula of Italy’s design enterprises is the underlying factor that accounts for the excellence of our product line-up. In other words, a mix of high-tech machines and human expertise. Efficiency, quality, research and innovation make the Flaminia trademark one of the most prestigious ambassadors of Italian know-how, well-known and appreciated everywhere in the world.

Via Falminia km. 54,630 - 01033 Civita Castellana (Viterbo)

0761 542030
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