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Stefano Giovannoni, born in La Spezia, lives and works in Milan.

Graduated in architecture in Florence, he collaborated with companies such as Alessi, Amore Pacific, Cedderoth, Deborah, Fiat, Hannstar, Hansemm, Helit, Henkel, Honeywell, Kokuyo, Inda, Laufen, Lavazza, LG Hausys, Magis, Mikakuto, Ntt Docomo, Oras, Oregon Scientific, Pepsico, Pulsar, Samsung, Seiko, Siemens, Sodastream, 3M, Telecom, Toto, Veneta Cucine, etc.

He designed highly commercially successful products that beaten all sales records in the world of design such as the Girotondo families (over 10 million pieces sold) and Mami, the famous plastic products of the "FFF" series for Alessi, the Alessi-one bathroom, the Bombo family for Magis.

Due to his ability to intercept the tastes of the general public, he has been defined "Champion of the super and popular of the 2000s" (A. Alessi), "Most bankable designer" (E. Perazza), "King Midas of design" ( C. Morozzi).


Qeeboo, next-generation Italian brand that produces design objects, was created in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni. Its products are emotional and narrative, expressly non-bourgeois and within everyone's reach: once created, they are entrusted to our interpretation to acquire a new life.

Mexico, Killer and Capitol can in fact be used as a seat, a table, a lamp or a vase, a planter or a champagne cooler, allowing everyone to freely interpret and use them.

Qeeboo takes up and reinterprets the icons of our imagination in a fantastic way and gives them an original and unexpected look, presenting a collection of smart, iconic and surprising products. Extraordinary objects, created under the careful direction of Stefano Giovannoni in collaboration with some of the most representative designers of the figurative-narrative approach on the international scene, through a magical mix of technologies and industrial techniques.

Via Enrico Stendhal 35
20144 Milano

Nation: Italy

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