Designers WOA - Creative Company

WöA is an exclamation of wonder! WOA Creative Company is the Milan-based studio that enhances creativity by shaping technology into new inclusive art forms and emotional narratives that straddle digital and analog. WOA creates multimedia installations, interactive shows and immersive experiences with institutions and brands to explore the communicative potential of digital and create interactive works with high visual, perceptual and social impact.

WOA Creative Company artists and creative technologists of are pioneers in the conception and production of content that can reach unexplored emotional territories and stimulate deep reflections in audiences. Among the most inspiring work is the strand of observation and analysis of data extrapolated from social and environmental research with which WOA brings digital artworks to life. 

From big data to artistic visualization, through the visual reinterpretation of data to raise awareness of the impact, active and passive, of every action and choice made by each individual. Whether it is digital humanism, infodemics or space debris, the analysis of the topic is never an exercise in style for its own sake, but a profound reflection resulting from the analysis of data to convey it to as many people as possible in a way that is so clear and at the same time engaging as to stimulate consciousness-raising and stance.

Via Roald Amundsen 8, 20148 MILAN

Nation: Italy