Designers Fabrizio UNICA

Everything begins from the comic. I don’t remember when this passion is started, perhaps even before starting to talk.

As a child I was bashful and the only way to communicate was to share my experiences with my peers. I drawn tables on tables of comics … superheroes were my universe and I expressed myself in this way. For me the images were communication even before words.

As the time goes, I met various ideals of this delicate process, from drawing on paper to graphic perfection. I studied to become a technical graphic designer, learning the various arts of printing and type-setting; by working in a printing press I loved fonts and their harmony.

Even if the ‘90s favoured a graphic full of effects, shadows and reliefs made with the first filters of Photoshop, my passion and the graphic trend harked back to rationalism and to the graphic vector as Bauhaus, a prevalent style in my creations.

The development of my career let me to be an art director managing promotional campaigns.

In this situation, my favourite passions were very useful for me: comic, music, cinema, theatre and art, were unlimited sources of new ideas. I was attracted by the artistic advertising of Armando Testa, Erberto Carboni, the posters of Saul Bass, the pop art of Warhol, Basquiat and Raushemberg, with a strong attention to the comic and I started an increasing professional path.

My creative style and my philosophy are based on the continuous attention to new trends in perfect balance with a correct communication strategy, design creativity, initiative and personality.

Curiosity and research are, for me, the incentives in the creation of brands, visual and glam images.

Today, you can recognize the influence of American comics, illustrations and decorations inspired by Klimt, elements of the London swinging of ‘60s of Mary Quant and tomorrow … is to be discovered.

Birth date: 06/12/1971
(50 years old)

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