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Studio Arcade, founded in 2004 in Bologna, brings together architects and engineers with a curriculum of studies and training entirely oriented to architectural design in the field of civil, infrastructural and design works.
The studio is open to external collaborations, in a partnership relationship with companies in the sector, for the management and definition of complex projects, and with all those professionals who are interested in sharing the values ​​of thought that the studio intended to adopt in these years of work and which see, despite the absolute conviction that "form" is often "substance", to attribute an essential functional value to the concept of architectural aesthetics.
The studio develops continuous research and updating on finishing materials that stand out as cutting-edge technologies, acquired with curiosity, attention and application sensitivity, to respond in a proactive and creative way to new design requests.
In addition to carrying out activities related to the profession, the studio deals with the organizational and logistical aspects related to the management and definition of project development procedures, especially if to be developed on an industrial and serial scale.
For the contents of the work, please refer to the numerous images present on the site and linked to the various application areas, as well as to the works register and to the reading of the individual profiles of the professionals involved.

Nation: Italy
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