Event 2021

ANIMEBCOLORI silk leaves for humans

Aliantedizioni presents for the very first time #AlicudiSarong and #FilicudiTie, two fashion accessories in natural silk designed by Alessandro Loschiavo with Luca Fantuzi, in an engaging installation completed by the spectacular photos by Samantha Acciuffi and texts by Daniela Ferrando.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021, Aliantedizioni presents an exhibition exploring the relationship between man and color:

ANIMEBCOLORI, silk leaves for humans

Our choice of colors to express ourselves to the world is a stimulating topic, on which many scholars have debated, as have hundreds of artists of present and past times. We often pick at least two colors to cover our body, and this choice inevitably speaks of our personality.Two colors in a certain degree of contrast become a means to introduce ourselves: are they two aspects of our personality? Or opposing signals aiming to confuse?

Born from a dialogue between Alessandro Loschiavo, art director of Aliantedizioni, and Samantha Acciuffi, photographer who for years has collaborated within the field of Design, the exhibition does not attempt to analyze or judge individual behavior, but quite simply provides a spectrum of chromatic possibilities. A spectrum, however, stimulates choice, which encourages self-enquiry and reflection on the past experiences determining our preferences. Of course the exhibition does not offer all possible choices, but the color combinations identifying Aliantedizioni: a concept of emotive, as well as physical lightness; the passion for informal elegance; the authentic fascination of Mediterranean contexts like certain wild, remote islands.

In particular, the exhibition presents Alicudi and Filicudi: a pair of silk accessories dedicated to anyone wishing to gift themselves a moment of pleasure from contact with pure color, and with a completely natural textile. Designed by Alessandro Loschiavo in collaboration with Luca Fantuzi, a young designer from the Marche region, they are produced for Aliantedizioni by a firm specializing in silk production around Como, following environmentally-friendly techniques and taking care of workers’ well-being.

Alicudi is a maxi-veil that plays with the wind and with the wearer’s every movement.A two-toned sarong in semi-transparent chiffon. Its simplicity allows to choose how to distribute the colors over the body, changing self-perception as desired.
Filicudi is a strip of intense color, bringing the face to the center of attention. A bi-color ribbon of crepe de Chine, to be worn as a flowy, de-structured tie, or simply wrapped around the neck with a free gesture.

The set-up presents a series of thin humanoid shapes which seem to float around the gallery. Spidery shapes wearing fluctuating membranes, large yet feathery two-toned ‘leaves’.The display of examples of Alicudi and Filicudi is accompanied by some spectacular large-scale photographs by Samantha Acciuffi.The images transform the moving human shapes in evanescent essences, rarefied spirits, as the silks become vibrant flames of color suspended in mid-air.The images are accompanied with short passages by Milan editor Daniela Ferrando, exploring different aspects of the project, from the sensory to the emotive.

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Entry rules

Free access: Via Nirone 1 is located on the corner with Corso Magenta, opposite the entrance of Palazzo Litta.

Mask required.

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