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“Objects of affection”: a new Disegno di Legno collection of biocompatible furniture

New collection: biocompatible furniture Disegno di Legno

The breath of the woods in the heart of Milan.

At Fuorisalone 2022 Fiemme Tremila presents Disegno di Legno , the new collection of biocompatible furniture Disegno di Legno designed by the studio aledolci & co.

Chest, totem, sideboard, workshop table, lounge table and coffee table: six objects that are protectors and interpreters of a new way of conceiving wood furniture. A timeless collection, but perfectly integrated in the contemporary domestic space, in which wood frees itself from fashions, breaks out of the mold and goes through ever-changing needs, thanks to unparalleled resistance and durability.

The Disegno di Legno furniture is made with the same boards of the Fiemme Tremila floors, a feature that gives them the same resistance to wear and tear. Not only that: using only biocompatible wood, treated with 100% natural essential oils, they have the ability to improve the air quality in indoor environments. A certified property. In fact, in 2017 the CNR-IVaLSA, the most authoritative Italian research institute in the forest-wood sector, confirmed that in addition to the total absence of harmful substances, the Fiemme Tremila woods emit only beneficial VOCs, similar to those breathed in in forest.

At the Fiemme Store Milano this new collection will be presented on an outdoor installation in collaboration with the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, a millenary institution that protects the wood heritage of the Fiemme valley. Made entirely of spruce recovered from the crashes of the storm Vaia, it will in turn be recovered, used for the soul of the Triplostrato®, the structure of the Fiemme Tremila boards. A spontaneous choice for those who make nature their home.

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