Event 2022

Retain & Radiate: Virtual Exhibition by Second White

In our era of digital transformation, in which all that humanity has built up to now is being transferred to the virtual world, buildings and works that are able to be replicated are reflected in surreal landscapes combining Second White identity and metaverse technology.

About the Exhibition; "Retain & Radiate"

Exhibition Open: June 5th.


The project 'Retain & Radiate' combines architecture, furniture, and objects to express the identity of design agency Second White. Through the use of a surreal landscape where Second White design and metaverse technologies are fused, Second White embraces the journey Second White has undertaken to date, and gives designers and writers important clues about Digital Transformation, which has emerged as a topic in the digital age, by re-radiating it in the virtual domain.


In the same way as the title implies, this exhibition emphasizes the aesthetics of balance between embracing and diverging time.
This exhibition aims to present the second white building within the virtual space <Second Space> of the exhibition. In Second Space, the line between indoor and outdoor, architecture and nature is reduced through the utilization of increasingly transparent materials that harmonize comfort and nature even within virtual environments. There is a need for us to establish a foundational standard of beauty based on things that have remained unchanged for a long time. By focusing on a familiar and stable experience instead of forcing familiarity in new and completely unfamiliar products, we wish to convey a different novelty, a sense of beauty and familiarity. During an era when everything the human race has built so far is being transferred to the virtual world, we have developed architecture and space capable of embracing the time of mankind and radiating it anew. 
Representing an ethereal journey across space and time, a stone carrying traces of past and present permeates the space while radiating its own intrinsic symbolism. <Second Stone>meets heterogeneous materials, transmits and absorbs their respective energy, and is then reborn as furniture in a virtual world. 
In addition, as inherent in our slogan, 'Only the Essentials Remain and the Rest All Permeate' in the designs sudies of Second White.


A company specializing in designing products that are aesthetically harmonious with nature, Second White has been at the forefront of high-tech industrialization. Our hope is that this exhibition will act as a platform to promote Second White inside and outside the design arts world, blurring the line between design and art, time and space, technology and sensitivity, and everyday life and art. As a result of an immaterial world where everything that is real is transferred to the virtual world, we will be able to evaluate various reasons and interpretations of the world.


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