Project 2022

poetica apt

home is not just a place to live, and studio is not just a place to work, it’s a space to calm down, refuel and get inspired.

In the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, Makeyourhomestudio explores the theme of living by analyzing the dynamism of new lifestyles with the creation of POETICA apt - a manifesto house where life and work intersect, to express how the space in which we move must necessarily adapt to our individual needs. 

The house is not just a place where to live and the studio is not just a place where to work, but they are spaces that must offer us calm, energy and inspiration. My home even more than any of my designed spaces has represented in recent years the professional research on which I have based the studio: it is way too easy to indicate every time the trends, the tactile textures and the comfortable furnishings as the key to a happy and healthy life at home. These factors undeniably improve a home experience but their sum is not equal automatically to happiness. The reality is much more complex because it requires also time and honesty. Time to think, to test gradually and constantly. Honesty in questioning what our needs really are and how we can meet them in every big and small decisions we make. Only in this way can we consider our homes as emotional support systems, one of the few constants to cling to. 

Rooms with different characters to support different moods. Our homes should be as strange as our personalities, as complex as our relationships. “I need doors and filters, despite what the free plant has promised us, the period has taught me that behind a door you can talk, isolate yourself, cry, smoke.”


Roberta Borrelli

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Stanze con caratteri diversi per supportare stati d’animo diversi. Le nostre case dovrebbero essere strane come le nostre personalità, complesse come le nostre relazioni.