Iron Garden by AG&P greenscape con Max Guadagno

17-21 April 2023

AG&P greenscape
Max Guadagno
The event belongs to
Tortona Rocks 2023




The silence of green, the warmth of iron, the coolness of Majorelle blue – these are urban synesthesias, the association of different sensory spheres, that are part of the Iron Garden project by AG&P greenscape and Max Guadagno.

This sensory melange ties nature and artifice together on a roof garden on Via Savona 50, Milan from April 17 to 21, open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

AG&P greenscape is a multidisciplinary landscape workshop specialized in master planning, urban landscape and garden design. It has created a Majorelle-style roof garden where contrasting exotic succulent plants emerge, created in iron by interior designer Max Gaudagno.

Iron Garden merges and mingles the 5 senses in unexpected ways through nature and art.  There is the cool consistency of the iron palm leaves, and the warm one of the natural leaves. There is the scent of the flowers in the vases, and the scent of the freshly cut grass of Max Guadagno's fragrance. 

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