Event 2024

Palazzo delle Meraviglie

The fifth edition of Palazzo delle Meraviglie, the Wunderkammer curated by designer Katrin Herden with architect Alessandro Zarinelli of Studio MHPress Preview and Opening Party

Palazzo delle Meraviglie will be housed on the ground floor, around the courtyard, in an exciting journey to discover the latest in international design such as: Softhouse by Mariella and Laura Torri, a made-in-Italy brand that has succeeded in combining the creativity of fashion with the rigor of the most refined Italian design, Mamagreen brand made in the USA by Belgian designer and entrepreneur Vincent Cantaer, which designs luxury outdoor furniture collections, and Pinton, a historic artisan company specializing in with a strong propensity for tailor-made products. Historical protagonists of the Milanese Wunderkammer are the Portuguese brands Hommés Studio and Tapis Studio by designer Micael Carvalho, a multidisciplinary artist who finds in interior design the maximum manifestation of his passion for the history of art and the visual arts, from photography and painting to digital design, and Sohil by Katrin Herden, who takes the opportunity to launch her latest cushion proposals designed thanks to her sophisticated creativity.

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