Event 2024


By Elena and Giulia Sella

Milanese designers Elena and Giulia Sella return five years later to Design Week in Milan with We Are Dreamers, after the extraordinary success of Museum of Dreamers, the immersive exhibition that in addition to the cities of Milan and Rome also landed across the border in Madrid.

From April 15 to 21, an immersive and inclusive installation in Piazza San Babila (corner of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II) will thus welcome thousands of visitors to experience an interactive and unique journey. Moreover, this work is a preview of a larger project that will soon be presented in a European capital, in collaboration with Vivo Concerti. This next milestone further underscores the international dimension of the Brand and helps consolidate Elena and Giulia's global positioning.

"After the experience of Museum of Dreamers in Milan, Rome and Madrid, we are very happy to return to the roots, right where it all started: the Milan Design Week. In 2017, on this very occasion, we made our first installation, and coming back here with this new opportunity shows us that perseverance, commitment and the strength of our dreams can lead us to achieve what we desire. With this creation, once again, we want to bring a message of inspiration and optimism: we can all dream big, without limits, accompanied by a spectrum of colors that help us face the days, even the most difficult ones." - said Elena and Giulia. 

A stone's throw from Milan Duomo, We Are Dreamers is an invitation to visitors to dream and connect with the magic of nature and the world around us. A rainbow sculpture stands out in the cityscape as a symbol of wonder and positivity: a tunnel of pastel-colored arches transports visitors into an enchanted landscape of flowers and butterflies, making them experience a unique experiential journey. 

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