Event 2024


The leading company unveiled EARTHIC ® LAB X FORMAFANTASMA, a disruptive installation located at Teatro Gerolamo that will serve to introduce a new generation of surfaces.
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award
Winner: Technology

Cosentino, a global leader in the production of sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, has partnered with the globally renowned designers Formafantasma to create a thought-provoking installation offering a new perspective on the world of surfaces. The collaboration aims to raise awareness about the importance of design beyond mere aesthetics, prioritizing ethical production processes.

The EARTHIC ® LAB installation will be an immersive journey that marks a turning point in innovative surface concepts. Ffrom the creative minds of Formafantasma, EARTHIC LAB embodies Cosentino and Formafantasma's vision, fusing unconventional and reclaimed materials for an innovative surface concept.

The venue selection is not accidental. Within the historic walls of Teatro Gerolamo, EARTHIC ® will unfold its transformative narrative. Every surface, every element, echoes the historical significance of this venue, creating an installation that transcends time - a dialogue between the past and the future - where sustainability is the main character.

Thus, this installation will serve as the premiere release of EARTHIC ® by Silestone ® XM, featuring a new brand collection designed by Formafantasma (FFROM) with a sustainable approach to the surface industry.

This series will also mark the first release of Silestone ® XM Mineral Hybriq Surfaces, a new surface category—made with Cosentino’s proprietary Hybriq+ Technology ® —that distinguishes the brand's upcoming collections, produced with a maximum of 10% crystalline silica content.

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