Event 2024

Like Trees In The Woods

An immersive experience with a strong scenic impact, born by the dialogue among nature, materials and technology
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

The installation is an immersive experience with a strong scenic impact, born by the dialogue
among nature, materials and technology. The visitor is invited to walk through a real oaks wood,
typical of the Italian landscape, which is reflected and endlessly replicated thanks to the mirroring
effect of the steel that surrounds it. This work creates an extraordinary visual experience,
multiplying the space and generating, through optical illusions, a disorienting and decontextualizing

This imposing environmental work aims to establish a virtuous dialogue between the natural and
the artificial environment, emphasising the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem. Particularly
significant is the choice of material used: mirroring stainless steel, totally eco-friendly as it is
100% recyclable.

artificial context and on the replacement of the earth with the floor and the sky with the ceiling.
Covering the woods with mirrors indicates the willing of a prompt involvement of the audience,
building our image in continuity with that of trees. The presence of mirrors is also linked to the
influence applied by the visual effects and multiplied images, which attract the sight and contribute
to the creation of an alternative space. NichelcromLab invites viewers to experience “Like Trees In
The Woods” and to be part of this unique dialogue between nature and technology.
Special thanks to the Innocenti & Mangoni nursery for donating the oak trees for Like Trees In

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Entry rules
free access, obligation to use protective shoes provided on site
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