Event 2024

Mooring by the Moon

An installation by Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE inspired by the Seadeck Series. An emotional journey through beauty and sustainable innovation, back to nature. A boat moored in the heart of the city, illuminated by a large moon.

Mooring by the Moon

Azimut stages the dawn of a new gentle era and welcomes visitors into a dreamlike landscape, in which dare to amaze - the brand's mission - translates into an invitation to be surprised by the wonder of the world in the light of an enormous parading moon, floating on the water. Looking up, a starry sky meets the sparkles of the stars and the reflections of spring.
From the stern of the Seadeck on the sea of ​​Milan, each element is seen as if for the first time and appears to be from another world to evoke another possibility for our world: the emotions awakened by the rediscovery of nature arouse the desire to protect it and share a concrete commitment to preserve it for future generations. Beauty slows down time – stop for a moment, you are beautiful! – and offers a feeling of peace.
A technology station will be staged, in which innovation is dedicated to protecting the sea with a sculptural exhibit - the gentle materials of the Seadeck are the protagonists, one artistic installation and one immersive one, with sounds, colors and scents to enrapture you. 


For the final act, the Seadeck 6 awaits in the heart of Bagni Misteriosi, a landmark along the new course charted by Azimut. The most innovative and sustainable yacht in its category will feature exterior design by Alberto Mancini and interiors created by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, who were the first to introduce the concept of "conscious" design into architecture, a philosophy that is respectful of the relationship established between people, environment and product.
The location, the Bagni Misteriosi, is the inspiration and cradle of this original installation created for Azimut by architect Michele De Lucchi and AMDL Circle. With a name that promises surprise, the exhibit welcomes and accompanies you on a journey that combines the beauty of recovered environments with the unexpected charm of an innovative and sustainable project.

The route is unambiguous, but not rushed, leaving time to enjoy the environment and the installations: the path to follow covers all the internal environments and then blossoms outside, where the new yacht “is waiting” or “dares” to amaze us.


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