The steel mirrors of “Like trees in the woods”

— 19 April 2024
Like trees in the woods

The installation, selected among the 16 best projects of Design Week 2024, aims to enhance the dialogue between nature and technology, underlining the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem.

NichelcromLab, an Italian brand specializing in stainless steel cladding and surfaces, presents the installation “Like Trees In The Woods” at Superstudio (via Tortona 27), conceived specifically for the design week by the artist Michele D'Agostino.

An immersive experience with a strong scenic impact, which arises from the dialogue between nature, materials and technology. The visitor is in fact invited to walk through a real oak forest, typical of the Italian territory, which is reflected and replicated endlessly. The impressive environmental work aims to establish a virtuous dialogue between the natural environment and the artificial environment, underlining the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem.

Particularly significant is the choice of the material used, mirrored stainless steel by NichelcromLab (, totally eco-sustainable as it is 100% recyclable. NichelcromLab is in fact the experimental division created in 2019 by Nichelcrom, a leading company for almost seventy years in the world of stainless steel, which has always been attentive to the environment and the adoption of green industrial policies.

“The choice of super mirror steel – explains the artist – made it possible, precisely because of its reverberation properties, to recall the image of water, on which the plants are reflected. The presence of mirrors is also linked to the suggestion exerted by the visual effects of the multiplied images, which contribute to the creation of another space".

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