The Turin duo STUDIO F

— 26 June 2024

Federico Boschiazzi and Francesco Lucchetti create solid wood products, taking care of the material when it is still in the middle of the woods.

“We look for centenary plants because they are rare and precious, they grow slowly and always have a story to tell” - this is the first sentence that STUDIO F says to tell us the focus of their practice. The studio, founded in Turin in 2017, creates custom-made projects in solid reclaimed wood, developing and producing special works, installations and collectible design series together with artists, designers and architecture studios.


“Our work is born in the midst of nature. In this phase, which is always active in parallel with our artisanal and design practice, we look for plants that are uprooted for various reasons and recover them. When we talk about recovery, we really mean it as a rescue.” Most of the time, in fact, it happens that many plants are sent for pulping or transformed into firewood, so STUDIO F recovers them to try to transform this precious material into objects of another nature. “We then experience the design as a subsequent phase, during which we define how to shape the material, always taking into consideration its peculiarities so as to enhance it. It can therefore be said that design is at the service of the material to achieve the required purpose."


“We do a lot of research on the different uses of wood in ancient history. Thanks to this approach we discover finishes and secrets of this material born in different contexts. It means experimenting and reinterpreting ancient finishes and manufacturing techniques in a modern key. The result is a contemporary object with an exclusive finish with a strong reference to its materiality.”


“The flaws of the material are its qualities. This concept reflects our idea of ​​the centrality of the raw material within the project. Knowing how to read and interpret the natural signs of wood, usually considered 'defects', is the synthesis of the concept for us."​​​​​​​



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