Designers Michele D'Agostino

Michele D'Agostino born in 1988 in Benevento, is presently working in Palazzolo Milanese (MI). He completed his Bachelor's degree in Sculpture in 2010, followed by his Master's degree in Sculpture both at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Currently, he teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (Techniques for Sculpture).

Narration and irony are the fundamental elements of his research, evoking daily habits with a romantic touch. Reproducing objects that recall the collective memory of society, he continues his research by exploring the mutations between objects and vegetation, their interactions and mutual adaptations.

His early sculptures, inspired by contemporary social realities, depict life-sized machines. Despite the change in subject, there is a continuity in the artistic journey with the previous sculptures: a consistent inquiry, the same aspiration to delve into the essence, and a focus on stripping away superficial elements from the structure.

Currently, iron follows a predominantly linear trajectory, providing viewers with a three-dimensional perspective, close to the virtuality of computerized images, while still retaining its tangible reality, evoking a sense of either two-dimensionality or three-dimensionality depending on the vantage point.

Participation in exhibitions and awards, as well as an artist residency in Daegu, South Korea in 2011, and a symposium in Ptolemaide, Greece in 2012, represent valuable opportunities for his personal and professional enrichment.

Michele D'Agostino's most recent works mark a new phase, leaning towards installations aimed at involving the audience in various forms, creating experiences of disorientation, illusions, and active interactions with the viewer.

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 10/05/1988
(36 years old)