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— 11 July 2024

The view from the town opens onto Campania.

Soothing the soul is generally a complex operation, sometimes this is possible through an association of images with perfumes or vice versa.
When one of the two things is not able to emerge or reproduce in the mind of the observer, the risk is of turning into disoriented explorers.
Greetings to all!

Morra De Sanctis: intertwining of places and literature and guardian of milestones of Italian culture.
The municipality of Morra De Sanctis is located in the Alta Irpinia area. It is a town of 1,197 inhabitants, located 863 meters above sea level and 62 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 30.41 km² and the neighboring municipalities are: Andretta, Conza della Campania, Guardia Lombardi, Lioni, Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi and Teora. It is crossed by the great Ofanto river.
The etymology of the name seems to come from the term morra, meaning "heap", "mound", "pile of stones"; while the specification is linked to the surname of the great statesman, Francesco De Sanctis, originally from the village. The inhabitants are called Morresi and San Rocco is their patron saint.

Places of interest:
Castle of the Princes Biondi Morra:
splendid manor built in the Lombard age, then rebuilt in the Norman age and enlarged during the Swabian domination.
Church of Saints Peter and Paul: mother church built in the 11th century, just below the Castle, it is visible from afar due to its massive size.
Civic Antiquarium Museum: inaugurated in 2007 inside the local municipal headquarters, the exhibition illustrates the results of archaeological research in the Morra area, with particular reference to the oldest tombs.
Palazzo Molinari: built in the 18th century and characterized by the skilful use of stone, it is among the most interesting historical buildings in Morra.
Palazzo De Sanctis: located in the historic centre, with a typical stone portal, it is the birthplace of Francesco De Sanctis (1817-1883).
Museum of Desanctisian Memories: set up as part of the initiatives of the “Francesco De Sanctis” Literary Park (1999/2001), the museum houses a small collection of Desanctisian memories and memorabilia.

Sagra del Cod:
food and wine event, also called "Emigrant's Festival", which takes place in August with food stands, music, entertainment and typical local products.
Chalices under the Stars: event at the Biondi Morra Castle, with astronomical observation, wine tasting and music.

Typical dishes and products:
Cod alla Pertecaregna:
despite the mountain area, in Morra there is a real "cult" of cod, typically prepared with bran peppers.
Migliazza con le Cicciole: ancient and typical rustic pizza made with tripe and corn.
Ricotta di Carmasciano PAT: white, with a soft and creamy consistency, obtained from the whey residue from the processing of the highly prized pecorino cheese of the same name.
Caciocavallo Silano DOP: semi-hard, stretched curd cheese, produced with milk from various cows, including Podolica.
Caciocavallo Irpino di Grotta PAT: stretched curd cheese, produced with milk from small and medium-sized farms, from predominantly brown cattle, traditionally matured in caves.

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