Superdesign Show 2024

THINKING DIFFERENT everything everywhere everyone

THINKING DIFFERENT everything everywhere everyone

Why not dare? Why not expand the horizons of one's imagination by redesigning physical objects and intangible subjects of everyday life? Why not experiment with new languages to reach unconventional audiences?

"Think different!" becomes the maxim of a new design approach, a challenge in the contemporary world that seems to have no more secrets. It's an invitation to reflect, to innovate in response to the demands of a young generation, an environment that deserves respect, and a technology that reformulates our interaction with the world.

The Superdesign Show, a cornerstone of the Tortona Design District, is gearing up to launch its 2024 edition with significant numbers: 11 nations and 3 continents represented, with the participation of over 80 companies and nearly 40 innovative projects spread over an area of 10,000 m2. Directed by Gisella Borioli and with Giulio Cappellini as the artistic director, this event promises to be a crucial meeting point for the design world, challenging participants to "think differently."

With the clear challenge to break away from the ordinary, the Superdesign Show, Superstudio’s annual event for Milan Design Week, focuses on original projects that respond to this year's concept: "THINKING DIFFERENT everything everywhere everyone." Among these are Lexus' interactive installation with Hideki Yoshimoto and Marjan van Aubel; the best of Czech glass design with the Designblok Cosmos installation presented by the Prague Designblok festival featuring contributions from 10 internationally renowned designers; the site-specific installation by NichelcromLab of sculptor Michele D'Agostino, which reproduces a forest of oaks infinitely reflected by the surrounding mirror-like steel, and many more. An adventure that begins in the distant lands of Asia, a journey that bridges the digital and the virtual, without ever losing sight of the rich world of art.

The Superdesign Show 2024, therefore, is not just an event: it's a challenge to rediscover the world with new eyes, on the iconic stage of Superstudio Più.

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