Brands Carimali design water_space

Our History

Calflex was founded in 1985 on the shores of Lake Orta as a manufacturer of accessories and hoses intended for faucets. A few years later, thanks to the company's seriousness, reliability and quality of its products, the company obtained business collaborations across borders and won an international clientele by responding to and satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers, innovating and designing new products that established themselves on the market as real trends.


The new brand

Calflex focuses on a new corporate philosophy inspired by the feelings of well-being that each of us would like to experience in our daily lives and on offering complete and functional designer bathroom environments.

With the launch of the brand CARIMALI design water_space, which incorporates modern design and Made in Italy, the company now interprets the evolution of the bathroom as an intimate place in which to express one's interiority and creativity with complete and customizable wellness solutions.


Innovation, design and craftsmanship at the center

Search for beauty, functionality and simplicity come together in a new vision of the bathroom concept, imagining a journey through places of living and feeling.

Colors, vapors, waterfalls, aromas and notes, moving from the sense of welcome in a domestic living room and continuing to the magnificence of the classic, and then pausing before the vigor of nature, the sacredness of an artist's place of expression, the tender rocking of waves in the middle of the ocean, and the dream of sharing and rest.

The company continues to invest in research and development and innovative solutions in design, structure and technology in order to offer exclusive and unique products at an international level. The company's know-how is guarded by the in-house technical department, the beating heart of the creative activity that designs and guarantees unique, recognizable and 100% Made in Italy products that can last and regenerate over time.