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Ercos | Ponsi was born in 2015 from the merger of two historic brands in the heating and bathroom design sector. The aim was to provide customers with complete and innovative solutions with a timeless design.

Ercos was born in 1967 with the production of cast iron radiators. From then, the continuous improvement and the willingness to accept every challenge have made the brand grown, expanding its production and its range of products, up to the acquisition in 2015 of the historic Tuscan taps and fittings manufacturer Ponsi. The goal is to offer customers complete bathroom solutions, with a single spokesman, able to meet the needs of functionality, aesthetics, and quality at a fair price.

Contact with the customer represents one of the main principles of the Ercos | Ponsi philosophy. Sharing is encouraged within the new Showroom where people have the opportunity to explore the company reality and to learn about its working method and philosophy.

The new digital projects by Ercos | Ponsi are born from the desire to answer to the final customer’s needs and to increase the touchpoints and the sharing moments: the configurator and the social media concept #configuraituoisogni.
The configurator aims to guide users along a process of creation of their own complete bathroom: in the specific website area, people have the opportunity to choose the elements they prefer and to try to compose the environment of their dreams.
From there came the concept #configuraituoisogni that guides Ercos | Ponsi communication on social media, with contents designed to tell the stories of people who live, experience and dream of their bathroom every day.

Innovations and tradition, technology and craftsmanship weave together in every activity that Ercos | Ponsi carries out, starting from the production. The continuous research and development of heating systems and products for bathroom furnishings aims to improve technology, quality of materials, functionality, while maintaining measured prices, a high aesthetic and performance quality.

Selected materials, qualified partners, a controlled and certified production cycle. Ercos | Ponsi quality arises from method, perseverance, and ambition to satisfy customers, for both the products and the buying experience.

Via Brognolo, 5 (25050) Rodengo Saiano (BS), Italia

+39 030 6818511
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