Ercos | Ponsi, for more than 50 years synonymous of innovation and sustainability


For more than 50 years Ercos | Ponsi has been synonymous of innovation, to provide sustainable, practical and highly aesthetic solutions in the field of heating and bathrooms.

Direct contact with customers, private and professionals, is part of the brand's philosophy and it allows Ercos | Ponsi to carry on its mission of continuous improvement.

Ercos | Ponsi was born from the merger of Ercos brand, specialized in the heating sector, and Ponsi, a historic tapware company. The goal of the project was to provide customers with a complete solution for the bathroom, with a single and reliable interlocutor.

Ercos | Ponsi guides customers in the realization of the entire bathroom with an innovative approach and a timeless design, combining technology, functionality, and quality of materials.

What are the guidelines for the design of Ercos | Ponsi products?

Quality, practicality, and beauty are the three principles that have always guided Ercos | Ponsi work. Throughout research and development, we aim to improve product performance while maintaining fair prices. The entire production cycle is controlled and certified: the products are made by highly qualified partners with selected materials. Ercos | Ponsi components are characterized by a timeless design, to adapt to each customer’s needs.

How important is contact with the customer?

Direct contact with the customer has always been part of Ercos | Ponsi philosophy. The exchange of opinions and the ability to personally experiencing the company reality and processes are fundamental elements to carry out the brand’s development and innovation objectives. Fuorisalone is a unique opportunity to meet customers: the Ercos | Ponsi Showroom will be a place for sharing, training and having fun.

How can the new digital media help this exchange?

Digital developments offer very important new means of exchange and sharing, which make it possible to overcome “spatial” limits, especially in a period like the one we are experiencing. Ercos | Ponsi has decided to make the most out of these means with two important projects that are strongly connected to each other: the configurator and the Virtual Reality. They both open up new important channels of dialogue with the final customer, improving the customer experience.

What exactly does the configurator consist of?

On the new Ercos | Ponsi website, the user can choose from many available products, customizing the finishes, to get to configure the bathroom of his dreams. It is a unique service, which perfectly reflects the brand's goal of presenting itself as the only spokesman for the design of a complete, functional bathroom that aesthetically responds to the people's tastes and needs.

What about Virtual Reality? How does it work and what is new about this technology compared with the past?

Virtual Reality is a technology that has been around for a few years now, but it was never used widely to offer to customers a new experience of purchase. That’s what Ercos | Ponsi wants to do, bringing people inside the bathroom of their dreams, without even moving! The project is to provide a tool that allows people to make the right choice and dealers to reduce costs showing an entire up-to-date showroom in just 4mq.

How important is the bathroom compared to the other spaces of the house?

The bathroom represents one of the most important and at the same time most complex environments to be designed inside a house. People spend a lot of time in this space and the elements that compose it must be not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and of high quality, to last over time. This is why Ercos | Ponsi products are characterized by high quality at measured prices. The goal is to make the customer satisfied, in terms of both the products and the buying experience.

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