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Novamobili Home System Daily Inspired
The Novamobili guide to furnishing a contemporary home
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Novamobili Home System Daily Inspired

The Novamobili guide to furnishing a contemporary home

“Your home is the world you've built. It holds experiences, memories and passions. Some objects take you back, and have a story to tell. They're your past and have shaped the person you are today. Other objects drive you forwards, and convey your dreams. The ones you don't tell everyone about, maybe confiding in just your closest friend. Every day, you write a new chapter in your personal story. Places, relationships and emotions. Our aim is to help you create a home for all of this."


These are the opening words of Novamobili's Home System Daily Inspired catalogue , with an introduction that sounds at once like a manifesto and a promise. And if every home is a world unto itself, then to furnish your own space, the keyword is customization. Customization that Novamobili allows for with living room and bedroom systems and furniture that offer modular flexibility and aesthetic versatility.


Novamobili stands out in the furniture world for its modular systems, setting out to inspire personal concepts of domestic life by designing furniture that rewrites the rule book so that we can build spaces around the objects we want to have near. The cornerstone values of our philosophy are modularity, flexibility, cross-functionality and wide applicability, the clear expression of an artisan tradition that lives on today in a technologically advanced company open to future challenges. The company comprises a team of designers and engineers who, in collaboration with leading names in architecture and design, are skilled at coming up with innovative custom-designed furniture solutions tailored to individual requirements.


To get up close and personal with the Novamobili range, head to the newly revamped Milan flagship store. For the Fuorisalone 2021 event, the internal layout has been given a makeover to create three zones, each showcasing different living room and bedroom offerings, including coordinating pieces. The Novamobili flagship store is located on the ground floor of the iconic Gioia8, building, a place of great architectural interest, engaging in a dialogue with Milan's new Porta Nuova district.



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