Drawing from the past without nostalgia and creating Senza tempo, a timeless collection, living in the present. The house becomes an emotional experience.

Textile, fashion and interior design are interconnected in a journey exploring style and matter. A home is where life takes place, a visible space shaped according to our own invisible essence.


The soft and elegant colours of the FW21-22 collection by Society Limonta dress the home with the typical atmosphere of the old days. From the textile's archives, fabrics from the ‘60s, the ‘70s and the ‘80s create layers of solid colours and patterns are inspired by the past and recreate it. The new shades meet the neutral colours creating chromatic variants of lilac, dust grey, deep blue, sage green and a warm brown fading into pink.


Among the new products, tablecloths have a strong visual impact and an unusual look, thanks to unconventional patterns, asymmetries printed on a natural and sophisticated fabric. A floral sketch of flowers overlaps a houndstooth background on abaca gauze, resulting in a vintage and contemporary look.


Rito is the result of the new collaboration between Society and designers Chiara Mauri and Andrea Randazzo from Storie Design Studio for OLTRE Society Design Collection. A linen basket at one end of this cutting board is the most useful accessory to collect the freshly sliced bread and serve it on the table.

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