All is Well-From Avant-Garde Art to Pop Culture Icon

— 17 April 2024

The play 'The Man in a Case' uses black humor to evoke reflection on life and draw attention to issues behind the proliferation of social media, and portrays the iconic highlights of ordinary life.

The special exhibition "Guess Who I Am" originated from the artist Ma Cong's work "All/Pig is Well" at the 2019 Venice International Art Biennale. It was interpreted through the image of a pig's head with exaggerated ears covering its eyes. 
After being re-created by the Chinese creative brand "Hundredicrafts", the insight and reflection hidden behind contemporary art are brought into the everyday life of modern people through IP collaboration products with the brand.
Whether it's through IP collaborations with world-renowned brands, AI interactions, or presentations of artworks such as trendy toys, figurines, and printmaking, Ma Cong and his team have a deep understanding of the delicate balance between traditional Eastern culture, craftsmanship, and contemporary aesthetics. 
Taking the limited-edition art IP figurine "Cultural Heritage" as an example, these collectible figurines showcase the wonderful chemical reactions produced by traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage crafts such as woodblock printing, gold foil, lacquerware, ceramics, mortise and tenon joints, velvet flowers, and fine metalwork, as well as special materials and contemporary artistic symbols featuring IP. They integrate ancient Eastern craftsmanship into contemporary art design and make it a part of trendy lifestyles.

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