Hyundai has been envisioning the future since 1947

— 11 April 2024
Pony Coupe Concept and N Vision 74 - Courtesy Hyundai

Progress for Hyundai takes shape through an approach that always places human-centered design at the forefront.

Innovation should not be limited to creating new technologies, it must have the ability to imagine the future. This is the design-driven approach of Hyundai, Fuorisalone 2024 partner, which can be summed up in the brand vision of Progress for Humanity, i.e. making progress within everyone's reach and improving people's lives.
This innovative spirit is inherent in the very nature of Hyundai, starting with its name, which in Korean means "modern times", a word chosen by founder Chung Ju-yung to sum up his dream of post-war reconstruction of South Korea. He would only partially succeed, but his humble construction company, founded in 1947, would become the global automotive company we know. The turning point came in 1974 with the Hyundai Pony, the first Korean car capable of standing out both mechanically and in terms of design, signed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept

Even today, driving the future of mobility are models such as the N Vision 74, powered by an unprecedented battery and hydrogen cell hybrid architecture, which pays homage to the design of the Pony Coupé and anticipates the era of high and sustainable performance. To this end, Hyundai created the Global Design Division, a new division that will support the Group's efforts to design all-electric vehicles and future mobility solutions such as Purpose-Built Vehicles, robotics and advanced air mobility. To move without limits, with zero emissions.

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