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"Modernity": this is the meaning of "Hyundai" in Korean. The birth of Hyundai Motor Company dates back to 1967: founded by Ju-Yung Chung (father of the current Chairman & CEO Mong-Koo Chung) who worked at the beginning as a licensee assembler of a Ford model. It was in 1974 that Hyundai decided to fully develop its first car: the Pony, which soon became a model of lasting success thanks also to the contribution of the Italian design signed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

In just 50 years, Hyundai affirmed itself among the mar manufacturers leaders in sustainable mobility with a unique offer that goes from full hybrid to hydrogen, including full electric and plug-in hybrid solutions.

With more than 120.000 employees, Hyundai is present round the world with 8 production sites and 7 R&D centres: the one in Ulsan (South Korea) is the biggest car manufacturing site (extended over 5 million Km2 and producing 5.600 cars every day).

Led by President Joon Seo Lee and Managing Director Andrea Crespi, Hyundai Motor Company Italy was born on November 3, 2008 as the Italian branch of the South Korean car manufacturer. In Italy, with a network of  116 dealers, Hyundai represents around 2,5% of the local market(source: UNRAE 2020).

The success of the brand is mainly due to two factors. The first one is a valuable commercial offer, which combines a balanced and high-quality range of products with style, technology, services and safety, everything at an always-attractive price. The second one relies on a “European” strategy able to revolutionize the whole image of the brand, since 90% of Hyundai models marketed in Italy are designed, developed and built in Europe specifically for the European customers: that’s why they meet everyday more the taste and approval of drivers. Furthermore, all Hyundai sold in Italy offer Hyundai "5 year unlimited mileage" warranty and "Lifetime Mapcare", an update of the maps on native navigators.

Hyundai Motor Company Italy has been chosen by Hyundai Motor Company s as the first market to launch the Click to Buy platform in Europe, the first end-to-end e-commerce solution that completely digitizes the customer experience based on four fundamental pillars: Choice, Value, Convenience, Transparency. Click to Buy completes the Hyundai digital revolution and strengthens the on-line / off-line integration of the purchasing process by putting the customer directly in contact with the brand's showrooms and giving the possibility to complete the online shopping experience in six simple steps, from configuring the vehicle to closing the contract.

Hyundai's essence and identity are represented by "Progress for Humanity" vision. We are driven by the desire to create continuous progress for humanity by investing in innovation and technologies that put people and their lives at the center. Humanity is what unites us and makes us stronger, allowing us to strengthen relationships, feel more connected and improve our lives.

This is also expressed in Sensuous Sportiness design concept and in the technological progress of all Hyundai models, as well as in the communication activities that range from TV campaigns to global sports sponsorships (FIFA since 1999 and also UEFA until 2017), from participation in WRC World Rally Championship (since 2014) to the initiatives during the Milan Design Week which sees the brand as Main Sponsor for ten consecutive years (since 2011).

Hyundai, in fact, has been named by Interbrand as the fastest-growing automotive brand: it climbed the ranking of the "Best Global Brands", reaching the 36th place into the overall ranking Hyundai is the only car manufacturer to have increase the value of its brand in the 2020 ranking, earning the 5th place among the automotive brands.

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