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— 08 May 2024

Hyundai innovation doesn't stop after Design Week: the Korean automaker's commitment continues towards a sustainable future, with EV-first models like the new KONA.

Hyundai's "green" research began in the 1990s, with hydrogen and the development of the first mass-produced Fuel Cell car. Today the goal is to achieve zero emissions across the entire production line by 2045, to leave the future generation with a clean environment in which to breathe pure air and enjoy the fun of driving without having to worry about fuel consumption and pollution - so much so. 'is that the new KONA Electric now accesses the Ecobonus also with a 64.8 kWh battery, for 510 km of autonomy.

Compared to traditional cars, in fact, electrified vehicles have less impact on global CO2 levels during their life cycle, because they have lower carbon emissions than those of normal petrol or diesel engines, while charging and maintenance costs are significantly lower .
Furthermore, Hyundai electric cars are sustainable all round: since 2016, natural materials such as wood cellulose or lyocell (eucalyptus cellulose extract) have been used for the interiors. It is also true that producing the powerful batteries that allow you to travel hundreds of kilometers on a charge is a process that consumes a lot of energy, but overall the energy needed to build a car is far less than that used to make it run during his life. This means that when an electric vehicle is only a few years old it has totally made up for its production deficit. Additionally, once an electric vehicle's battery wears out by 30%, it is usually replaced. But since 70% is still functional, it can be reused for other purposes, such as supporting the electricity grid of buildings or storing wind or solar energy. Modern lithium-ion batteries can also be recycled and their materials used to create new batteries.

But the future of mobility starts now, with models like the new KONA: the Hyundai SUV with a unique design, created starting from the electric version according to an EV-first approach. The front, minimal and essential, combines perfectly with the iconic Seamless Horizon Lamp light signature through fluid lines that elegantly underline the road presence of a one-of-a-kind SUV.

Furthermore, New KONA Electric will be the first Hyundai EV to be equipped with the N Line aesthetic package, offering a wide range of options to drivers ready to switch to fully electric mobility. KONA Electric N Line stands out for its sporty and dynamic design, inspired by the world of competitions and the high-performance 'Hyundai N' range, without however sacrificing efficiency and autonomy. Customers seeking both style and sustainability, as well as best-in-class interior space, can now further customize their New KONA Electric.

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