Hyundai IONIQ: driven by e-motion, the mission of the GenerationIONIQ

Hyundai IONIQ and fulfill the impossible thanks to innovation and design.


With IONIQ line-up, Hyundai challenges the status quo in search of the perfect balance between innovation, functionality and design.

Hyundai IONIQ represents an authentic revolution in terms of mobility: IONIQ is in fact the first car in the world to offer three low to zero emissions powertrains within one body type - hybrid, full electric and hybrid plug-in.

A step ahead in terms of technologies and alternative fuel sources, made possible by Hyundai’s commitment to R&D and innovative design solutions.

In this vehicle, functional and design research go hand in hand in order to meet the increasing need for a sustainable, hyper-connected and versatile mobility – without having to compromise on rewarding driving experience and on the pleasure of a green and innovative lifestyle. For Hyundai, design is a real answer to people’s needs: design means to develop solutions that are always better and more technologically advanced.

IONIQ’s silhouette stands out with an industry-leading aerodynamic coefficient reducing emissions and air-resistance to the minimum, while high-strength steel makes the vehicle benefit from superior rigidity. Furthermore, seats and interiors’ covers are made of recycled or ecologically-sensitive materials.

Besides the advanced design, IONIQ offers an engaging driving experience and comes with a very rich equipment in terms of connectivity, infotainment and driving-aid systems. As one of the safest vehicles of 2016, IONIQ also achieved five-star EuroNCAP rating.

Those who choose IONIQ do not merely buy a vehicle, but instead they make a strong statement for their future, without compromise. IONIQ lets them share the #GenerationIONIQ way of life – refusing to compromise today while thinking about the future; improving one's lifestyle, looking for a balance between innovation, style and sustainability.

Hyundai IONIQ and share the same mission: to bring to life those highly innovative ideas – that almost look impossible – challenging the limits and looking ahead into the future to make dreams come true. Work hard to answer today’s needs developing advanced solutions that are able to re-design mobility and long-term sustainable lifestyle.

Discover IONIQ in all Hyundai Showrooms and join the GenerationIONIQ:

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