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An outdoor lighting, product for PLUST COLLECTION.
From 15/06 AT 08:00


An outdoor lighting, product for PLUST COLLECTION.

Changing the perception of typical outdoor lighting, Mamma is designed for contexts like plazas, parks, streets and even backyards, using greens as an element of embellishment.  It has two light sources using LED panels, one at the top and one at the bottom. The base uses a polycarbonate tube for light transmission among the plants, utilising the space as a planter. It is also an interesting illumination at night, as the faint shadows of the plant are projected on the surface. As a product for Plust Collection, it is proposed to be fabricated in rotomolding technique with HDPE high density polyethylene.  The size of the Arco lamp, by Achille Castiglioni was an inspiration, as well as the interactions of people with it. Through seasons and weathers, like a neighbour, a family, a companion, a life is being carried within it.



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