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Would you ever drive this way?
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Would you ever drive this way?

Advertising spot and campaign designed for the Milan Police Department to discourage the use of smartphones while driving. The target audience are adults between 35-50 who are more used to using the smartphone while driving (according to the data released by the Police and primary and secondary research conducted during the spot concept). Inappropriate use of the smartphone while driving is one of the most dangerous causes of distraction: this was the starting point for the concept design of the spot, claim and event. The spot aims at highlighting how using a mobile phone is as dangerous as doing real actions while driving: therefore, watching a cooking tutorial is paradoxically as dangerous as cooking while driving.

The campaign was transposed into a temporary event during the Milan Fuorisalone. Visitors at first are invited to try a driving simulator where they are distracted in several ways. In a second room, they can see the results and consequences of their distracted driving.



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