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Spazi e tempi dell'Abitare
From 11/04 AT 00:00

Spazi e tempi dell'Abitare

Exploring living by living together was the challenge of the hackathon hosted on 4-5 April by Combo Venezia, in which 14 young designers from the Iuav University of Venice shared space and time for 36 hours.

It was an experiment on several fronts: for the first time the young people worked in an intensive and collaborative full immersion experience; for the first time the participants all came from different backgrounds (design, communication, architecture, urbanism, planning, arts, fashion) and they were also confronted with the field of sociology and psychology thanks to the skills brought by Strategy Innovation; for the first time an effective collaboration between Iuav, Ca' Foscari - with its spin off Strategy Innovation - and Fondazione di Venezia was expressed, thanks to the support of the company Everel that integrated one of its own designers in the group.



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