Event 2021

TORTONA ROCKS - Silk-FAW Automotive

The automotive world, a sector evolving towards sustainable scenarios, will be represented by Silk-FAW Automotive which will launch S9, its ultra-luxury hypercar, designed by Walter de Silva in a perfect synthesis of aerodynamic functionality and aesthetics from the pure, classic and futuristic design.

An immersive exhibition at Spazio Quattocento will allow us to get knowing the world of Silk FAW more closely, where visitors, thanks to the use of AR technology, will be able to discover its design philosophy, the innovative partnership with Apple and the new production center of the company in Reggio Emilia. The exhibition begins with an installation designed by talented young architecture students from the YACademy of Bologna, who work under the guidance of the famous architect and designer Michele De Lucchi and the AMDL CIRCLE studio.

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