Event 2021

"4.Crediti Cosmici Dance Floor" - Lorenzo Palmeri per Meme Gallery


"Four. Crediti Cosmici dance floor "is the new album by Lorenzo Palmeri to be released in September 2021," Quattro "is also the title of this small exhibition which, on the intuition of Meme Gallery (www.memegallery.it), unites the two souls of author, music and design.


9 foulard dedicated to the nine pieces of Quattro: nine scarves 80x80 cm each. one in pure silk, one for each piece: designed, interpreted by Lorenzo Palmeri, produced in Como, in the Made in Italy silk district.


The "framed" scarf on the walls becomes the "result-object" that emerged from musical inspiration and returns, after many years, to an interior decoration in a contemporary key.


The scarves made in a single edition for Meme Gallery, nine different and unique pieces, will be accompanied by a small musical performance by the author for the inauguration, by the same music that inspired his graphics.


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