A Capsule Collection embracing the need of comfort with the necessity of embedding smart features for bodies that change.
Dialectic Design,   Zoe Romano
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WORTH Partnership Project
Digital event

In the digital world, we are surrounded by constantly increasing electromagnetic fields that can affect bodies in fast-changing mode like pregnant women.

The partnership will implement a durable collection using innovative materials able to screen the wearer from electromagnetic frequencies. The research will also release parametric design patterns to allow well-fitting clothing and customised items produced locally and on-demand.
The clothes could be designed to accommodate a wearer’s body, which will change over the course of a few months and could be combined in different contexts and express the benefit of their protective features.


Our planet is infected and we need to radically change the way we inhabit it. Humans need to feel their bodies more connected with other living visible and invisible creatures and, at the same time, protect themselves from a polluted environment. We were inspired by evolutionary theorist Lynn Margulis and philosopher Donna Haraway who are providing an horizon to interpret the past and build a new, more sustainable present. There are important choices that humanity needs to embrace and we also need to start from revolutionising our relationship with everyday objects and their impact on the planet.  

Our starting point was noticing that  fashion narrative has been avoiding the discussion around utilitarian features of garments.  We felt the urgency to recode the language of fashion, bringing it back to reflect upon utility and need, which, in other words, means dealing with the superfluous. Clotho was born to explore these limits and how aesthetics, utility and comfort can team up together to produce value for the wearer and positive externalities for the planet.

Creating fashion is not only a matter of aesthetic style. We had to deal with crafting a new type of business model, based on small batches and fine tuned production. In other words, it means to embrace a broader concept of innovation which involves revolutionising the processes of manufacturing and distribution. It’s not easy to move from a traditional push marketing to a pull strategy, therefore we needed to invest in modularity, parametric approach and meaningful collaborations with professionals sharing our vision.  

Collaboration is key to any concrete project because  ideas don’t becoming reality magically, but more like solving problems when they appear and making mistakes along the way. A strong and committed team is at the center of any challenge. In Clotho, the collaboration with the official partner was mainly based on the digitalisation of the patterns and their web-based interface but the whole project had many unofficial collaborators which contributed to the accomplishments of final results.

Our future step is to launch our first batch of production! Stay tuned on clotho.it

“The illusion of the independence of humans from Nature is dangerous ignorance. An unbroken continuum of life exists now as it has since life’s inception” Lynn Margulis

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