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Porcelanosa presents its new collections in a virtual tour of the major design capitals

The multinational ceramics company doubles its efforts within digitalisation and market research with a 4.0 ceramics fair aimed at professionals in the sector.
Digital event

The large format tiles, the realistic finishes and comprehensive solutions are some of the developments that stand out in this interactive space, where innovation and design come together in each collection.

PORCELANOSA Group steps up its digitalisation with a virtual fair in which innovation and craftsmanship are united in pursuit of new architecture.

To bring the product closer to the different customers and explore new business lines, the multinational company has changed its market strategy with a technological showcase that focuses on the world's main cities and defends that comprehensive and cosmopolitan design that is the hallmark of its corporate DNA.

The multinational ceramics company doubles its efforts within digitalisation and market research with a 4.0 ceramics fair aimed at professionals in the sector. During the tour, visitors will have the chance to view the finishes of each collection and access interactive catalogues and audiovisual resources relating to the products on show in the digital showroom.

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Technological solutions for industry professionals

The exhibition, now available on its official website, opens up a new way for industry professionals to display and apply ceramic materials. A digital tool, through which experts will be able to view the finishes and textures of each collection through interactive catalogues, a 3D photo gallery, and corporate and product videos which can be found on the online platform. 

"We have completely changed the concept and the setting of this fair, in which technology is our main ally. The aim is to create a virtual meeting space in which customers and firms can share experiences and seek effective solutions with the new products we present. It is about strengthening dialogue and creativity when it comes to design", explained PORCELANOSA Group members.


Designed as a 360º virtual tour

Designed as a 360º virtual tour through the great fashion capitals (Moscow, London, Milan, New York, Bali, Madrid, Sydney and Paris), the eight cities that are visited here serve as inspiration and a guide for the future, and they give an insight into the design proposals that will be developed in the coming years.

"Visitors will be able to learn about our new materials and all their applications through various projects including a diaphanous hotel, a commercial reception, a designer loft and an Amazonian-inspired bathroom. Given that these are specific examples, there is one common element: the versatility and breadth our collections contribute to each space. We have improved the quality and look of our finishes with a more natural and realistic design", the company stressed.

The materials and products that will be presented at this virtual fair open up a new path in terms of construction and architectural renovation. This is the first stage of PORCELANOSA's digital transformation plan, with which the firm seeks to respond to the new market needs. "We have increased our R&D&I efforts to advance in the field of automated production.

This can be seen throughout the new collections presented at the virtual fair, representing the coexistence between the digital and analogue worlds in our search for more sustainable and inclusive construction", said a company representative.