Voyage en Intérieur, Le French Art de Vivre

An exhibition of the most beautiful self-edited pieces by French interior designers awarded Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 prize in dialogue with Italian contemporary art selected from three eminent Milanese galleries


Voyage en Intérieur,

Le French Art de Vivre


An exhibition of design and contemporary art

Illustrating the best of contemporary French production

7 - 12 June, 2022


Institut français Milano

Palazzo delle Stelline

Corso Magenta 63, Milano



Milan, 9 May, 2022. On the occasion of the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Le FRENCH DESIGN a platform promoting innovation in furniture and interior – presents the exhibition Voyage en Intérieur, Le French Art de Vivre  [A journey into the interiors, the French art of living], from 7 to 12 June, 2022, at the Institut français Milano. Whereas, from June 22 to July 20, 2022 there will be a second leg of the exhibition in Paris at le FRENCH DESIGN Gallery.


Every two years, since 2019, Le FRENCH DESIGN organizes Le FRENCH DESIGN 100, the only design award in France that enhances the international importance of French designers and interior designers. The award aims at selecting for each edition the 100 objects (furniture, decorations ...) and spaces (hotels, shops, restaurants ...) that best represent French design in the world. Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 focuses on French creativity, including both the key figures in the national scene and the most interesting profiles of those who will be the stars of tomorrow, all sharing the ability to express the essential values ​​of French design through their projects.


Voyage en Intérieur, Le French Art de Vivre presents in Milan a selection of the most interesting creations self-produced by the designers winners of the second edition of Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 award: furniture and objects that demonstrate the renewed dynamism of the French context, its exceptional creativity and the influence it has around the world thanks to the diversity of its users and admirers. The pieces on display emphasize the richness of French design in its realization, in the novelty of uses, sustainability, the many artisanal and industrial skills involved, alongside personalized or unique creations for hospitality, retail and residential sectors.


The exhibition in the spaces of the Institut français Milano brings in dialogue the design objects with some contemporary artworks chosen by three important Milanese galleries proposed by Isabelle Valembras-Dahirel, Art & Design Consultant - Monica De Cardenas, Antonia Jannone and Viasaterna. The artworks presented highlight the historical ties between the French interior designers and the art of their time, stressing the uniqueness of these creations and placing them in the wake of a long tradition that began in the eighteenth century.


The exhibition is part of 5VIE Design Week 2022.


Designers in the exhibition:

Bruno Moinard Editions, Charles Zana, Gilles & Boissier, Humbert & Poyet, India Mahdavi, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Laura Gonzalez, Le Berre Vevaud, Ludovic Roth, Maison Dada, Margaux Keller, Pierre Gonalons, Pool Studio, Reda Amalou, Isabelle Stanislas, Studio Catoir, studio razavi architecture, Suduca & Merillou, Thierry Lemaire, Tristan Auer


Artists in the exhibition:

Gianluca Di Pasquale, represented by the gallery Monica De Cardenas

VELASCO VITALI, represented by the gallery Antonia Jannone




Le FRENCH DESIGN promotes innovation in furniture and interior design. As an industry figurehead for forty years, it deciphers trends in contemporary lifestyles and launches studies and perspective projects that encourage cross-disciplinary meetings between creators, designers, architects, scientists, craftsmen, manufacturers and furniture editors to imagine tomorrow’s living spaces. It supports companies in their creative transformations, by incubating their projects and contributing to their promotion. Through exhibitions, conferences and a strong digital presence with images and 3D, it promotes a French lifestyle on the five continents. As a player that helps French brands grow and expand in a world that looks for meaning and emotion, Le FRENCH DESIGN defines a future that will be more digital, nomadic and sustainable.


The Institut français Milano, a landmark for French culture in Milan for the past 70 years, is part of the network of cultural institutes abroad of Institut français within the Institut français Italia. The Institut français Milano is located in the Palazzo delle Stelline, across from the building that houses the Last Supper. The institution showcases the vitality of contemporary French art and cinema by inviting the public to read and debate through teaching and promotion of the French language. Being based in Milan, a capital of deisng, the Institut français Milano’s programming also gives a place of honor to design, especially during Salone del Mobile. The exhibition Voyage en Intérieur, Le French Art de Vivre renews the attention for the most recent designs from beyond the Alps, creating an echo between design and contemporary art: a strong image of French design, capable of still filling the gallery in Corso Magenta 63 with an enthusiastic and connoisseur audience.


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Entry rules

Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Free entry

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